Sephora Pro Palette 

Hey everyone!

Today I am reviewing the new Sephora Pro palettes. There are three different palettes warm, cool, and editorial. The packaging is so good. They feel very heavy and the swatches are amazing. They are not for sale just yet, but will be July 14. I was lucky enough to be able to see and play with the warm and cool palette early. I will say the colors are gorgeous and I was so excited to play with it. When I swatched them I really didn’t know which one I wanted.

 I really thought about it and I don’t really have a lot of cool tone palettes. So that’s the one I was going to get. Then I got to play with it and I was saldly disappointed. The shadows had very little pigment from brush to eye. I had to keep going back into the pan to get the color payoff I want. There was also a lot of fall out. The shimmers are basically pressed glitters. They were very sheer. 

If you do still want to purchase these palettes, just know that you definitely have to build and you’ll spend a lot more time blending. Finger swatches are better than a brush because you have to keep packing it on. 

Much love and peace, Penny


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