The Star Palette by Natasha Denona 

Hey everybody.

Today, I am reviewing the Star Palette by Natasha Denona. I will say that this palette is $169. Yea, $169. It’s kinda ridiculous. A lot of people love her makeup line. So I was curious about all the hype and I will say the formula is great. The packaging is sturdy and simplistic. I will say after doing research on Natasha Denona I understand the sleekness.

On Sephora’s website, in this palette there are 18 eyeshadows including never-before-seen textures. There are four crystal shadows, nine creamy matte shadows, three metallic shadows and two duo-chrome shadows. 

I will say the crystal eye shadows were a little crumbly. Since they act like a pressed glitter, they do have fall out but that is to be expected. If you want a more intense shimmer, spray your brush with Mac Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter. 

The duo-chromes are really nice. Orion, which is the green duo-chrome, does have a red undertone. It’s really pretty but I felt like they wanted to fall apart when I swatched them. 

The metallics were very creamy. I didn’t need to add a setting spray to intensify when using these shadows.

The mattes were really nice but there was a lot of kick back. I didn’t see a lot of fall out and the shadows blended like butter. 

All in all, I will say this is a great palette, if you own it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, if you don’t. The shadows were very creamy but if you have a heavy hand going into the shadows, besides the matte shades, they could possibly fall apart. 

Here are some swatches. By the way, these turned out great. I’m usually really bad at swatches. 

Much love and peace, 



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